=== Gulp! ===Contributors: Lynette ChandlerTags: importer, plr, articles, mass, bulkRequires at least: 2.7Tested up to: 3.5.2Stable tag: 1.7.1This plugin lets you to import articles, schedule and categorize them in bulk.== Description ==Copying and pasting PLR articles into WordPress is a chore. Using this plugin, you can import many articles at one go.== Installation ==1. After downloading the plugin, extract it to your computer.2. Using your favorite FTP program, upload the plugin to your WordPress site, into the /wp-content/plugins folder3. Login to your site, go to Plugins, find Gulp! and activate it.== Frequently Asked Questions === What type of files does it import? =Each article must be in it’s own individual plain .txt file. The first line must consist of the article title followed by a blank line and the content. All these .txt files need to be zipped into one ZIP file. If still unsure, refer to the example ZIP file and its contents.= The plugin won’t upload my files, something

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