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The iranet.nobi™ Codes Software solution
If you’ve been wondering how you can incorporate QR (Quick Response) codes into your small business marketing efforts, iranet.mobi QR Codes Campaign is a great place to start.

A web-based software solution, iranet.mobi QR Codes Campaign allows you to create engaging and interactive marketing campaigns quickly and easily. (You don’t have to lift finger, either!).

There are three different types of QR marketing campaigns we create with the iranet.mobi QR Codes Campaign software.

  • Information Campaign. Opening a new location or launching a new line of products? Use the Information Campaign to create promotional material that links to interactive information or video demonstrations and testimonials
  • Discount Campaign. Offer your customers an exclusive discount that can only be accessed using a QR code. Add it to one of the iranet.mobi QR Codes poster or mobile templates within the Discount Campaign option. Just make sure your poster is prominently displayed so your customers will be able to see it and scan it easily.
  • Event Campaign. If you have a special announcement to make or a big event, you can use iranet.mobi QR Codes to promote the occasion and generate attendance. We create a customized flyer and mobile web page using QR Codes to advertise the event and capture emails. You handout giveaways to the attendees like hats, mugs or key chains with an embedded QR code. (And remember, once you collect all of those email addresses, you’ll have a built-in audience for future events).

When you’re creating your QR enhanced marketing materials, you can take advantage of the many customizable printed materials and promotional items iranet.mobi QR Codes has available – some of which are industry-specific (for example, real estate or food services). You can also download a free QR code that you can use any way and anywhere you like.

As with any marketing campaign, you’re going to want to know the ROI. Using iranet.mobi QR Codes Reports and Analytics tool we provide you with a day-by-day snapshot of your QR code campaign activity. This will help you understand which offers or events (coupons, information, videos, etc.) are generating the most scans and clicks by customers and prospects. Plus, iranet.mobi QR Codes is an excellent lead collection solution, allowing you to capture e-mail addresses that you can use for future campaigns.

The best part is that there’s very little work for you to do – no complicated coding or design work. Just a quick and easy solution that helps you connect with your customers.


Just scan the QR Code (above, right) with your Mobile Smart phone and see an example of what your Mobile Website (included at no additional charge) could look like. Don’t have a Code Reader on your phone? Follow this link to download it to you phone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nwi.qrcreader&hl=en

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